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By Michael J. Foord, Christian Muirhead

In 2005, Microsoft quietly introduced an initiative to convey dynamic languages to the .NET platform. the place to begin for this undertaking was once a .NET implementation of Python, dubbed IronPython. After a pair years of incubation, IronPython is prepared for real-world use. It blends the simplicity, beauty, and dynamism of Python with the facility of the .NET framework.
IronPython in Action deals a finished, hands-on creation to Microsoft's interesting new strategy for programming the .NET framework. It methods IronPython as a firstclass .NET language, totally built-in with the .NET atmosphere, visible Studio, or even the open-source Mono implementation. You'll learn the way IronPython could be embedded as a ready-made scripting language into C# and VB.NET courses, used for writing complete functions or for internet improvement with ASP. Even higher, you'll see how IronPython works in Silverlight for client-side net programming.
IronPython opens up intriguing new percentages. simply because it's a dynamic language, it allows programming paradigms no longer simply to be had in VB and C#. during this publication, authors Michael Foord and Christian Muirhead discover the realm of useful programming, dwell introspection, dynamic typing and duck typing , metaprogramming, and extra.
IronPython in Action explores those subject matters with examples, utilizing the Python interactive console to discover the .NET framework with stay gadgets. The professional authors offer a whole creation for programmers to either the Python language and the ability of the .NET framework. The ebook additionally exhibits the way to expand IronPython with C#, extending C# and VB.NET functions with Python, utilizing IronPython with .NET 3.0 and Powershell, IronPython as a home windows scripting instrument, and lots more and plenty more.

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We even reveal the unusual source of Python’s name. NET framework is the CLR. NET and Mono, it’s also now (in a slightly different form) part of the Silverlight runtime. The CLR runs programs that have been compiled from source code into bytecode. NET. NET and C#, are statically typed languages. Python is from a different class of language—it’s dynamically typed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that dynamic languages have to offer programmers, including some of the language features that make Python a particularly interesting language to work with.

A function can be wrapped inside another function with the populated arguments stored as local variables. The remaining arguments can be passed in at the point you call the wrapper function. This technique is called currying. Metaprogramming is a style of programming that has been gaining popularity recently through languages like Python and Ruby. It’s normally considered an advanced topic, but it can be useful at times. Metaprogramming techniques allow you to customize what happens at class-creation time or when attributes of objects are accessed; you can customize all attribute access, not just individual attributes (through properties).

It supports such diverse styles of programming as procedural and functional programming, objectoriented programming, metaprogramming, and more. NET family. NET languages and to create full applications. One great example called Resolver One,5 a spreadsheet development environment, is how I (Michael) got involved with IronPython. 1. At last count, there were over 40,000 lines of IronPython code in Resolver One, plus around 150,000 more in the test framework developed alongside it. By the end of IronPython in Action, we hope you’ll have learned everything you need to tackle creating full applications with IronPython, integrating IronPython as part of another application, or just using it as another tool in your toolkit.

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