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By Emmanuel Neiman, Yochanan Afek

Each chess participant is aware that a few strikes are more durable to work out than others. Why is it that, often, easy wins easily don't input your brain? Even robust grandmasters be afflicted by blind spots that imprecise the superior rules in the course of a online game. what's extra: frequently either gamers fail to notice the chance that's correct in entrance in their eyes.

Neiman and Afek have researched this challenge and came across that there are literally explanation why your mind discards yes rules. during this booklet they exhibit various different types of hard-to-see chess strikes and obviously clarify the mental, positional and geometric elements which cloud your brain.

Invisible Chess strikes with its many specified examples, instructive factors and illuminative assessments, will educate tips to observe your blind spots and notice the strikes which stay invisible for others. Your effects on the board will increase dramatically simply because your mind will cease blockading profitable rules.

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It is also a real Zwischenzug because after the white bishop is taken, his king is still in check. Chapter I - Hard-to-see moves EXERCISE 3 ** Too early or too late? Bartolovich Abkin St. I The title is a reference to a well-known story involving Bobby Fischer and Efim Geller (see Solution overleaf) . In our game White resigned with the worst possible timing, at the very first move where he could force a draw, precisely thanks to his over-passive position. 63 Invisible Moves ** Solution 3 Bartolovich Abkin St.

3. 4. d4xe5 e5xf61+- 'it>g8-h8 �d8-c8 The last Zwischenzug, winning on the spot. After 4 ... f7 + lieS 6 . ixe 5 + �g7 7 . ixg 7+ 'it>xg 7 8 J:ta 1 ! White collects a piece. Saric,Ivan Malisauskas,Vidrnantas Novi Sad Ech-tt 2009 (3) 1f2-1f2 McNab,Colin Brunello,Sabino Edinburgh rapid 2007 ( 1 . 'ilg7+? 'Ci'h7+. � The winning sequence included two in-between moves: 1. 2. 'tig4-d7+ f4-f5+! llh8xh1 1. f7-g6 Closing the first emergency exit. 2. 3. 4. Vi'd7-g7+ g2-g4+1 'ti'e4xf5 �g6-h5 And closing the second one.

H2 �e3 wins. 6. 7. 8. l:tg1 xg8+ l:g8xa8 'iff6xf3 �e8-e7 s J:tg7 was hopeless: 8 ... ixf2-+ . 38 In this game, Black played the rook to dS and lost eventually. There was an instant win with a pretty rook move: 1. 2. 3. 4. ig7-e5+ 'ili'e1 xd2+ C h 11 p t c r I Qendro,Llarnbi Shaw,John Turin Olympiad 2006 (12) -· H Ci rd - t o -scc m ovn Both players were happy to reach this position. White seems to be on the road to an imminent draw; however Black has already antici­ pated a nice trick which forces the win.

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