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By Halldór Laxness

This superb novel—which secured for its writer the 1955 Nobel Prize in Literature—is ultimately on hand to modern American readers. even though it is decided within the early 20th century, it remembers either Iceland’s medieval epics and such classics as Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter. And if Bjartur of Summerhouses, the book’s protagonist, is a normal sheep farmer, his flinty choice to accomplish independence is certainly heroic and, whilst, terrifying and bleakly comic.

Having spent eighteen years in humiliating servitude, Bjartur desires not anything greater than to elevate his flocks unbeholden to any guy. yet Bjartur’s lively daughter desires to stay unbeholden to him. What ensues is a conflict of wills that's through turns harsh and touching, elemental in its emotional depth and intimate in its homely element. substantial in scope and deeply lucrative, Independent People is a masterpiece.

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