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By Rudolf Steiner

During this vintage account of the Western esoteric course of initiation, Steiner leads the scholar from the cultivation of reverence and internal tranquility to the advance of internal lifestyles throughout the phases of instruction, illumination, and initiation. functional workouts in internal and outer commentary and ethical improvement are defined.

By patiently and repeatedly following those feedback, new "organs" of soul and spirit start to shape, revealing the contours of upper worlds that were hid from us. the following, Rudolf Steiner is offered as instructor, counselor, and pal. His suggestion is useful, transparent, and robust

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9. The students of occult knowledge must also direct their attention to the world of sounds. Here we must 2chap Black 45 The Stages of Initiation 45 distinguish between sounds produced by so-called inanimate objects (such as a falling object, a bell, or a musical instrument) and those coming from living beings (animals or human beings). If we hear a bell, we perceive the sound and associate it with a pleasant feeling. The scream of an animal, on the other hand, not only evokes an emotional association but also reveals the animal’s inner experience, its pleasure or its pain.

On the path to higher knowledge this listening skill is extremely important. We must become accustomed to listening in such a way that we quiet our own inner life completely when we listen. For example, when someone expresses an opinion and another listens, agreement or disagreement usually stirs immediately within the listener. Often in such a situation we feel compelled to express our own opinion at once, especially if we disagree. However, on the path to higher knowledge we must learn to silence any agreement or disagreement with the opinions we hear.

To move forward on the path to higher knowledge and advance in spiritual science, we must therefore pay as careful attention to our thoughts and feelings as we do to 1. It should be noted that artistic feeling or sensitivity, coupled with a quiet, inward nature, is the most promising precondition for developing spiritual faculties. Such artistic sensitivity penetrates through the surface of things and thus reaches their secrets. 2chap Black 44 44 H OW T O K NOW H IGHER W ORLDS our movements in the physical world.

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