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By Richard Breitman

Contents: New details on significant Nazi figures -- Nazis and the center East -- New fabrics on former Gestapo officials -- The CIC and right-wing shadow politics --Collaborators : Allied intelligence and the association of Ukrainian Nationalists -- end -- Acronyms

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1. 21 Gensicke, Der Mufti von Jerusalem und die Nationalsozialisten, 148. Burrell to Blum, March 7, 1946, NARA, RG 263, E ZZ-18, B 58, Haj Amin al-Husseini Name File, v. 1, f. 1. 22 Floyd A. Spencer, Asst. 0503, MIS 279421. 23 Floyd A. Spencer, Asst. 0503, MIS 279421. 24 The Escape of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, August 2, 1946, NARA, RG 263, Grumbach Series 12, Finished Reports. We are grateful to Randy Herrschaft for this reference. 25 Palestine: Views of Mufti: Desire for British Neutrality.

According to Fischer and Mahler, the KPD even tried to recruit their former Security Police colleagues as prosecution witnesses, offering to vouch for them during their own denazification hearings should they testify against Fischer and Mahler. either of them may have been forced [in the Gestapo] to use methods of interrogation which are not condoned as regular practice, but, in times of emergency and with pressure from superiors exerted, these methods can by no means be classified as atrocities….

S. Chief of Counsel (for War Crimes) received a single copy. S. Army put in such effort to reconstruct Gestapo organizational charts. S. forces needed to keep order, and any diehard Nazi police forces represented a threat. On the other hand, more pragmatic German policemen who had dealt with security issues such as Communist espionage or subversion might have useful skills and detailed knowledge. The Army initially seemed to consider Mildner one of the useful officials. Whether the CIC’s lenient treatment of Mildner contributed in some way to his ability to escape will remain unknown unless more information surfaces.

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