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By Stephen Houlgate

This learn of Hegel and Nietzsche evaluates and compares their paintings via their universal feedback of the metaphysics for working with conceptual oppositions comparable to being/becoming and egoism/altruism. Dr Houlgate exposes Nietzsche's critique as utilising the excellence of lifestyles and inspiration, which itself constitutes a metaphysical dualism of the sort Nietzsche assaults. through comparability Hegel is proven to supply a extra profound critique of metaphysical dualism via utilising his philosophy of the dialectic, which sees such alleged opposites as defining parts of a dynamic. In picking out to review a topic so basic to either philosophers' paintings, Houlgate has confirmed a framework in which to guage the Hegel-Nietzsche debate; to make the 1st complete learn of Nietzsche's view of Hegel's paintings; and to match Nietzsche's Dionysic philosophy with Hegel's dialectical philosophy by means of targeting tragedy, a subject matter primary to the philosophy of either.

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