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Both may be as intelligible or unintelligible as the acceptance of infinite regresses. In formal languages it is usually irrelevant whether the domain consists of simple or complex individuals. And more recently Rolf A. 15 There could be individuals, for example, human beings, that are more than the sum of their parts. And if we think, as Wittgenstein did, that a domain of entities can include facts, then there is a serious question as to whether facts can be fully explicated by their atomic elements.

Thus there might be a legitimate reason to think that I am having your sensation or that at least we are both having the same sensation. ) Or perhaps my visual system might some day be capable of being tapped into yours so that, whenever you saw a picture that was not shown to me, a sudden image of the picture appeared to me. Here also it might make sense to say that I am having your image or that we are both having the same imageespecially if we both describe the picture in the same way. The important point in the Wittgensteinian analysis is that we cannot rely on derivations made from surface form.

4 This is surely wrong. It is very often not clear, even to the most fastidious and discerning utterers, exactly what is being asserted when they assert that there are, say, dogs. Are they saying that there are objects that are members of the class of dogs and that, therefore, what exists are individuals as well as classes of which such individuals are members? Or are they saying that there are objects that have certain properties by virtue of which we call these objects dogs and that, therefore, there are both objects as well as properties of objects?

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