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By Dee Brown

From the writer of the best-selling Bury My middle at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown's vintage account of the construction of the transcontinental railroad.

In February 1854 the 1st railroad from the East reached the Mississippi; through the top of the 19th century 5 significant transcontinental railroads associated the East Coast with the Pacific Ocean and hundreds of thousands of miles of tracks criss-crossed within the West, an enormous and virginal land quite a few years before.

The tale of this remarkable project is one in every of breathtaking technological ingenuity, otherwordly idealism, and all-too-wordly greed. The heroes and villains have been Irish and Chineselaborers, intrepid engineers, avaricious bankers, inventory manipulators, and corrupt politicians. sooner than it used to be over greater than a hundred and fifty five million acres (one 10th of the rustic) got away to the railroad magnates, Indian tribes have been decimated, the buffalo have been pushed from the good Plains, thousands of immigrants have been lured from Europe, and a enormous continental kingdom was once built.

Woven into this dramatic narrative are the origins of present-day governmental corruption, the 1st ties among strong organisations and politicians who "enjoyed the widespread showers of cash that fell upon them from railroad inventory manipulators, and gave away America." How the folks of that point replied to a feeling of disillusionment remarkably just like our personal provides a latest measurement to this story.

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