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By Carlos Nelson Coutinho

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Title: Gramsci's Political Thought
Author: Coutinho, Carlos Nelson/ Sette-Camara, Pedro (TRN)/ Buttigieg, Joseph A. (FRW)
Publisher: Brill educational Pub
Publication Date: 2012/07/01
Number of Pages: 198
Binding sort: HARDCOVER
Library of Congress: 2012008347

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Only then would 28. Gramsci 1971a, p. 181; 1990b, p. 235. 29. Gramsci 1971a, p. 119; 1990b, p. 420. 30. Gramsci 1971a, pp. 488–513; 1990b, pp. 340–75. ) In 1978, Giorgio Amendola provided an effective synthesis of the ‘erroneous judgements’ and ‘doctrinal rigidity’ still to be found in the Lyons Theses. 31 Many of these limitations, as we will see, were to be overcome by Gramsci in his prison-notes, in which his relationship with Lenin’s legacy was no longer defined by assimilation, but by a dialectic of continuity-overcoming.

486; 1990b, p. 350. 10. Togliatti 1970. 11. Spriano 1967, p. 127. 16 Commenting on this phase of brutal sectarianism within the PCd’I, Spriano notes, The ‘Turinese’ were not an exception. 17 It is not easy to explain the reasons for Gramsci’s adherence to Bordiga’s most schematic and doctrinal theses. Inspired by maximalist passivity, by radical economistic fatalism and by a doctrinal and ‘apocalyptic’ concept of the revolution, these theses proved themselves to be directly opposed to the cultural and ideological reasoning that had inspired Gramsci’s action and theoretical 12.

One can easily see, in the second part [of the union-theses], the classic Ordinovist-Gramscian motifs: the system of factory-councils and workers’ control’. Passage to Maturity: 1921–6 • 31 formation, not only in its early period (until 1918), but also in the time of the weekly L’Ordine Nuovo (1919–20). We should not omit to mention a sincere and intimate bond motivated by a certain ‘inferiority-complex’ of Gramsci’s in the face of Bordiga’s undeniable organisational skills and extraordinary vitality (as opposed to the weak physical and psycho-nervous conditions of the young Sardinian), but also, and above all, because Bordiga had been the one to anticipate the theme of the struggle for a new party in the period when Gramsci had been focusing solely on the issue of the councils.

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