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By Mark Mark Coriddi, Ian Kerner (Editor)

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The labia minora (inner lips) and hood may protrude from between the labia majora (outer lips), or they may be fully enclosed. Both are perfectly normal. The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman 31 * Using your fingertips, spread the outer lips apart from top to bottom to fully expose the inner lips. The inner lips may already be partially exposed if they protrude. * Give several soft, short licks all over the vulva; avoid the glans and frenulum. * Massage her mound with your fingers and the front commissure lightly with your thumbs.

Brace the bottom of her buttocks with the heels of your hands for more support. This keeps her centered to you, while maintaining contact between your mounts. * Hunch your shoulders and bear your neck down into them, while exerting strong pressure forward with 60 The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman your mount. Concentrate pressure to your upper lip, so your mount stays firmly planted into hers. Double Cheek Hold * Use your forearms and hands together like heavyduty springs under her buttocks to provide firm resistance and support.

Hold her buttocks and lick between the inner lips and side to side over the frenulum. Alternate with licking up and down over the hood. Mount to her fourchette: Her fourchette is somewhat concave, making it a good fit with your mount and one that can withstand considerable pressure. * With your forefingers, spread her inner lips, and then gently push up, and slightly apart, so that you can fit your mount to her fourchette.

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