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By Vineeth G. Nair

Extract details from web content utilizing appealing Soup and the Python urllib2 module. This functional, hands-on advisor covers every thing you want to comprehend to get a head begin in web site scraping.

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This normally comes in handy when we have an HTML page with no pattern like the preceding producer example. com Here, the e-mail IDs are scattered across the page with one inside the

tag, another inside the tag, and the first one, which is not enclosed by any tag. It is difficult here to find the first e-mail ID. But if we can represent the e-mail ID using regular expression, find() can search based on the expression to get the first e-mail ID. So in this case, we just need to form the regular expression for the e-mail ID and pass it to the find() method.

Likewise, we can pass any tag name to the find() method to get its first occurrence. In this case, find() returns a Beautiful Soup Tag object. Tag'> The preceding code finds the first occurrence of the li tag within the HTML document and then prints the type of tag_li. Tag'> By default, find() returns the first Tag object with name equals to the string we passed. [ 31 ] Search Using Beautiful Soup Searching for text If we pass a string to search using the find() method, it will search for tags with the given name by default.

In this case, find_all() will become handy. find_all(class_="tertiaryconsumerslist") The preceding code line finds all the tags with the = "tertiaryconsumerlist" class. string) [ 37 ] Search Using Beautiful Soup #output lion tiger Understanding parameters used with find_all() Like find(), the find_all() method also has a similar set of parameters with an extra parameter, limit, as shown in the following code line: find_all(name,attrs,recursive,text,limit,**kwargs) The limit parameter is used to specify a limit to the number of results that we get.

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