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Strains the lifetime of the manager of a small Mongol tribe who proven an unlimited empire from Peking to the Black Sea within the 12th century.

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The Naiman king, Tayang, led his army of warriors from several different tribes in a brave defense, but Temujin and his men were too numerous and strong. The Naimans were overpowered, and King Tayang was mortally wounded in the battle. By defeating every tribe that had been his enemy and requiring their allegiance, Temujin united all of Mongolia. BECOMING KHAN In 1206 he called a kuriltai. At this meeting, Temujin was named Genghis (sometimes spelled Chinggiz) Khan, meaning oceanic, perfect, or supreme warrior king.

He offered to reunite Temujin’s clan, which had dispersed widely. From the first, this arrangement was beneficial to both men. Gradually, Temujin’s clansmen returned and brought 45 46 GENGHIS KHAN along others who also pledged their allegiance to him. One of the first to join him was Jelme, who would later save Temujin’s life. Even as he began to gather a sizeable group, the leaders of the Tayichigud tribe, threatened by his growing power, were making plans to attack his camp and capture him again.

Jebe also went on to become a great Mongolian general. Temujin and Toghrul were still allies, and as Toghrul aged, he knew he needed to name a successor. Toghrul’s son, Senggum, was terribly jealous when he realized that his father intended to name his faithful ally, Temujin, to that position. Senggum, who was friendly with the treacherous Jamuka, began to sow the seeds of distrust in his father. Suspicions were inflamed by other tribal leaders fearful of Temujin’s growing power, and finally, old and weary, Toghrul gave in to the urging of his son and made a break with Temujin.

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