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Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England

Encyclopedia of ladies within the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England is the 1st first accomplished reference committed completely to the contributions of girls to eu tradition within the interval among 1350 and 1700. Focusing mostly on early smooth girls in England, France, and Italy, it bargains over a hundred thirty five biographies of the intense girls of these occasions.

Prediction and Perception of Natural Hazards: Proceedings Symposium, 22–26 October 1990, Perugia, Italy

This choice of articles presents a distinct evaluation of the country of the technology within the prediction of and reaction to average catastrophe occasions. the individuality of this quantity is that it includes greater than simply the actual technological know-how standpoint. for every average threat integrated during this textual content, social scientists have supplied study summaries of ways public perceptions are on the topic of the activities which are more likely to be undertaken while individuals are faced with information regarding the lifestyles of a traditional chance hazard.

The Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy

In Renaissance Italy a great execution used to be either public and peaceable no less than within the eyes of experts. In a characteristic particular to Italy, the folk who ready a condemned individual spiritually and psychologically for execution weren't clergymen or friars, yet laymen. This quantity contains many of the songs, tales, poems, and photographs that they used, including first-person debts and ballads describing specific executions.

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51 At the very moment that Warsaw capitulated and Polish resistance ended, Manuel Aznar wrote in Arriba: ‘There were in Eastern Europe, on the borders of Russia, 20 million Catholics whose fate was not a matter of indifference to Spanish Catholic thinking ... ’52 Aznar’s proposal is astonishing for its timing. While he was writing, the Soviets, like the Germans, were eliminating the last vestiges of Polish resistance to the joint occupation. At the same time, Aznar makes no mention of an equal number of Catholics subjugated in the German-occupied zone.

On 1 November 1939, the following message was sent out by Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz, commander-in-chief U-boats: I have been informed by Skl [ϭSeekriegsleitung ϭ Supreme Naval Command] that the supply-servicing of U25 cannot take place on the Spanish coast, because the Spaniards of late are creating political trouble. Only in the most extreme emergency would a refuelling in Ferrol still be possible. I have decided against sending the boat there, while keeping open the option of using this facility in cases of real urgency.

Vichy France and Britain’s Battle for Its Life 29 Meanwhile, England waits. ’12 Arriba followed this up in July, citing a statement issued in Berne by Paul Baudouin, Vichy’s newly appointed foreign minister. ’13 La Vanguardia Española’s correspondent in Bordeaux reported on the scene in the city that was briefly the seat of the French government: The final judgment on a country that once was great! The mob with only one idea, to flee! ’ they cry. ‘Peace, whatever comes next! ’ Pétain refused to accept Churchill’s last proposal, in which he suggested that France—its government, its institutions, its resources of every kind—move to London and that the two countries virtually fuse into one in order to continue the war.

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