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The oldest and strongest of the Aisling triplets, Leona has continuously been the single such a lot dedicated to denying her present . . . before. whilst she starts off to work out murky visions of the crazed killer who has distinct her sisters, she cannot forget about her powers to any extent further. This evil guy not just threatens her kinfolk, yet can also be coming after her.

but till she will see him essentially, she realizes that the fellow dead-set on destroying her will be a person, even Owen Shaw. but if the good-looking, rugged newcomer begs her to exploit her powers to assist his sister, how can she say no? She should still steer clear of him, however the robust allure, the indisputable starvation she feels for his physique, will not allow her get away. Leona should summon each ounce of her power—and her passion—if she desires to reside to work out one other day.

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This man had unusual silver eyes, and he appeared to be of Native American descent. Leona pushed away her uneasiness; even if he were physically similar to the man in her dreams, she couldn’t avoid every man who possibly might have descended from Vikings or from Celts. If she was uneasy at all, it was because she found this man attractive. As a woman who had just decided that sex could ease her, she naturally responded to the hot, male-hungry way he’d looked at her. ” 30 | Cait London Leona’s impulsive words stunned her.

Claire said the sexual vibrations from you caused her husband to have a very good time this afternoon. ” “Hey. Don’t get your nose out of joint. You deserve payback for teasing us. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and so unlike our cool, in control, sophisticated sister. You haven’t exactly been active. Let us enjoy the moment. ” 32 | Cait London After Leona inserted pearl studs into her earlobes, she removed the cloth shielding the full-length mirror. The cloth had served to protect her from her own reflection, her resemblance to Aisling, and the constant reminder of danger to her family.

FOR HER EYES ONLY | 23 The man glanced up at the bell, which had just tinkled, announcing his entrance. He carefully closed the door and placed his hands on his hips as he surveyed the displays. This time when Leona spoke, her voice was low. “I know. Borg’s descendant has already tried to have someone kill you and Tempest and he’s failed in those attempts. Since you’ve both bonded with your husbands, logically I’m the weakest link in our family now, and I’m next on his list. ” Leona probed gently through her sister’s humming silence but only saw happy little polka dots in her mind’s eye, which changed their psychic connection in a heartbeat.

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