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By Michael Clarke

This booklet deals a newly built-in interpretation of Homeric guy. the writer starts off with the operating speculation that, during this poetry, the person isn't really divided into components - internal and outer; physique and soul; flesh and spirit - yet stands as an indivisible cohesion. The final a part of this research ends up in a reassessment of the Homeric psuche.

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F irst, it has been passed through the filter o f m odern expectations about how language w o rks: specifically, expectations about the w ays in w h ich m eanin gs arc first m apped b y individual w ords and then exten d ed in creative directions b y poets. Secon d ly, it has been broken up along lines o f d ivision laid dow n b y m odern w o rd s, w o rd s w hose m eanings w ere fram ed in term s o f a cu ltu re u tterly differen t from H o m er’s. T o interpret the verb al data w e have to arrange them in a pattern, and the pattern w ill be w orse than useless if it is determ ined u n criti­ cally b y our ow n u p b rin gin g.

65 S ee Sim o n . t2 P E G ; T h g n . 5 5 7. [See p. 2SJ ot 11. 66] 28 Prologue lines can seem d ecep tively sim p le. O nce the cliche is forgotten it becom es harder to grasp. N esto r is im agining two p o ssib il­ ities, one an abstract noun, the other an infinitive verb, balanced on a sharp pivot (ξυρού ακμή) and about to fall in one or other direction. D eterm ined to interpret H om er out o f H om er, how can w e shed further light on this? F irst, w e recall the scales that Z eu s suspends over the battlefield to determ ine the issue o f a finely balanced com bat: once when the two arm ies stru ggle across the battlefield (v ill.

I m ight begin w ith the fam ous w ords in which N estor says that the battle by the ships m ay turn out in disaster: VÜI' γ ά ρ 5ij ττάιτe a a i v rrri f v p o v Γοταται α κ μ ή ς rj μάλα \irypos όλίθρος ζ4χα ιοΓί ή( βιΰιναι. (Χ . spiratinn* in on intangible or m ystical sense but also for "the technical aspects o! poetic creativity*. C f. also V ernan t (19 8 5 ), 10 9 —3 6 ; G e n tili (19 8 8 ), eh. I. esp. p. 8. M lr. particu lar, this m eans that o u r assessm ent o f the H o m eric afterlife (in C h .

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