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By Alfredo Logoluso

«Асы» Гражданской Войны в Испании 1936 – 1939 гг. Тип истребителя: Fiat CR.32Итальянский бипланFiat CR.32, получивший у испанцев прозвище «Chirri» («Cверчок»), был изящным и чрезвычайно манёвренным истребителем для своего времени. В период Гражданской Войны в Испании 1936 – 1939 гг., не менее чем 477 самолётов данного типа (в том числе около a hundred произведённых по лицензии на территории Испании) сражались на стороне националистов во главе с генералом Франко, что оказало немалое влияние на исход войны. За всё время боев истребители CR.32 одержали 709 подтверждённых воздушных побед и около 320 побед неучтённых официально, потеряв при этом только sixty two машины. Данная статистика показывает, что CR.32 был непревзойдённым лидером в небе над Испанией. В итоге к концу Гражданской Войны первую пятёрку лучших асов конфликта составили испанские лётчики, пилотировавшие истребитель CR.32. В данной книге исследован боевой путь выдающихся лётчиков, а также других успешных пилотов, сражавшихся на истребителях CR.32 в период Гражданской Войны в Испании 1936 – 1939 гг.

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As this loss clearly proved, the performance of the new variant was clearly not up to that achieved by the earlier twin-gun version. 32. They also weakened the overall wing structure. Such drawbacks had already been noticed during combat in Andalusia the previous month. 32. 32bis in Spain had their wing armament removed. 32s and 18 He 51s of the Legion Condor. Capitano Nobili and his squadronmates fired at I-15s and I-16s as they attempted to attack the bombers, and crewmen from the latter reported seeing one of the Republican fighters falling to the ground.

32s, squadriglia commander Capitano Mario Viola (alias Viotti) and an additional 11 pilots – five sottotenenti and six sottufficiali. 32 stormo into two gruppi of three squadriglie each. These took the form of the already established I Gruppo (formerly Gruppo Caccia di Torrijos, which controlled the reorganised 1a, 2a and 3a Squadriglie) under the leadership of Maggiore Fagnani, and II Gruppo (with the new Squadriglie 4a, 5a and 6a) that was initially led by Tenente Colonello Canaveri. At Squadriglia level, 1a Squadriglia was led by Tenente Degli Incerti, 2a Squadriglia by Capitano Nobili, 3a Squadriglia by Tenente Ricci (followed by Capitani Lodi and Viola), 4a Squadriglia by Capitano Dequal and 5a Squadriglia by Capitano François.

This was the first time that the Heinkel biplane fighter had encountered the Polikarpovs, and the end result was two Soviet and two German pilots killed. The aerial battle of Madrid continued for the next few days as Nationalist troops advanced to the city’s western outskirts until they were finally halted by the newly formed Ejercito Popular of the Republican militia, supported by the International Brigades. 32s again provided the fighter escort for bombers attacking targets in Madrid. As they neared the city, four I-16s led by Lt Chernhikh attacked the Italian section consisting of Sottotenenti Serafini and Cenni and Sergente Berretta.

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