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Every thing you ever desired to find out about feng shui and extra is now on hand during this easy-to-understand publication. how one can in achieving a balanced and harmonious existence utilizing those ancients secrets and techniques from the East!

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The activities that take place in a workroom, will be the deciding factor for temperature control. The most perfect source of heat is from a visible fire. The location of a tiled stove, or a fireplace should be as central as possible so that the warmth of the fire can radiate in all directions like a shining sun. If your fireplace is intended as a decoration, it is still important to use it on a regular basis during the cold season. A fireplace or oven that does not burn is a symbol of “extinguished” fire.

Not any more! The mirror has eliminated my subconscious concern over having people approach me unannounced and I haven't burnt myself one time since I put that mirror up! Stoves with a natural flame are preferable. Gas is ideal, but wood or coal burning stoves are good alternatives. A natural flame stove, like a real fire, also adds to the comfortable atmosphere of the room. Avoid electric stoves, since these give off electromagnetic fields, which can negatively affect the chí energy of your food, and consequently your health.

Since bathrooms are often small, mirrors can also give a feeling of space. Do not have the mirrors facing each other. Red Ribbons ~ A common Feng Shui cure to improve your finances is to tie a red string or ribbon, measuring 6, 9 or 18 inches in length, around the pipe under your sink. On very rare occasions, this can cause a back-up in the sink. If this occurs, remove the string immediately. Check for any blockages in the plumbing and repair if necessary. SIDE NOTE: I've had a red ribbon tied around my bathroom pipes for years and have never experienced any problems.

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