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The energy spread in the colliding beams at SPEAR has also been found to depend upon the stored currents (B. Richter, private communication). In principle it is therefore necessary that comparisons of peak event rates, such as that of the muon-pair rate with and without the additional iron absorbers, be normalized with respect to simultaneous measurements of the rate of electron-positron pairs. was done for only here. This 38% of the muon-pair data reported However, no significant changes were observed in the peak event rates of either electron-positron pairs or muon pairs throughout this experiment.

7) ~ all. Furthermore, in addition 3 to being forbidden by Zweig's rule, the decay of the P states into hadrons is further suppressed in a potential picture 55 by the vanishing of the p-wave wave function at the origin. 1). The main decay chain is then But we have heard earlier 21 that the branching ratio is of order 1 2. 1). 7) branching ratios and total width, this situation should be of great interest. 56 F. J. /) I / / hodrons,+, Fig. 11. 7 GeV. Dashed lines indicate decays forbidden by Zweig's rule.

The experimental data 17 are shown in Figure 5. 6 until about 4 GeV, with a decrease which makes the result look like an inverted version of R. But how is this increased proportion of energy carried by neutrals manifested? By photons? Or neutrinos? At present we do not know. III. PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE ~'s To establish some basis for the next section we enumerate here some of the basic facts now known about the ~'s and the consequent phenomenology. 8 . . . - - - , . 1 r- 0 1 "rr" - ~ 3 4 5 Fs(GeV) Fig.

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