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Consider that the rock contains 5500 molecules of MgO and 4500 molecules of Si02 • Now, using the Mg2Si04 formula, 01 contains 2 molecules of MgO and 1 molecule of Si0 2 ; while using MgSi0 3 , opx contains 1 molecule of MgO and 1 molecule of Si02 • If there are a molecules of Mg2Si04 and b molecules of MgSi0 3 , then: 2a+ b a+ b 5500 4500 which solves to give a = 1000 and b = 3500; or: I . ~ ~' I ! 8) This amounts to a new standard state (standard state 3), which is defined as the pure end-member in a different structure to the phase at the I~ ~ ,{ I} , II ~" 1 :I , c" c'" I < o f , 1 C'A \ # " I j II J I 1 .

1971, Chemical Equilibria in the Earth, McGraw-Hili, New York: A geology text covering much of the same ground as chapters 1-6, but with a more mathematical approach. , 1972, The Interpretation of Geological Phase Diagrams, Freeman, San Francisco: Chapters 1-3 are recommended parallel reading for students with little or no previous exposure to phase diagrams. 15 G-x diagrams for four temperatures (at equal temperature intervals) for a binary system between end-members 1 and 2 involving phases A and B, both of which can show complete solid solution between the end-members.

This term is a function of the end-member which end-member 1 is infinitely diluted by, temperature and pressure, but not XIA. This term can be expressed in the form RT In h IA(2 ) , where h IA(2 ) is the Henry's law constant for end-member 1 in phase A infinitely diluted by end-member 2. LIA = G IA+ RT In XIA+ RT In h IA( 2 ) © Roger Powell 26 Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Petrology changes from stable to metastable across the common intersection of the three lines, the so called triple point. 10(b) by changing pressure.

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