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By Rosolino Buccheri, Avshalom C Elitzur, Metod Saniga

"Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective" is the 1st systematic go- and trans-disciplinary appraisal of the endophysical paradigm and its attainable position in our figuring out of Nature. targeting 3 of the main urgent problems with modern technological know-how, the translation of quantum concept, the character of time, and the matter of realization, it presents the reader with a few leading edge examine, options and ideas in those components, similar to incessant massive Bang, geometrizing of "mental space-times," and a contextual view of quantum mechanics and/or a view of the Universe as a self-evolving quantum automaton. even supposing essentially aimed toward teachers, this attractive quantity could be learn through an individual drawn to glossy physics, philosophy, psychology and cognitive sciences.

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This seems to be a call for the study of endophysics. This has motivated us to start thinking of the measuring apparatus as part of the system under observation. We call our particular approach the “stages paradigm”, because the universe is assumed to evolve in a series of stages, or jumps in information content. Our ultimate objective is a consistent formulation of quantum cosmology. This may well be an inconsistent or impossible ambition, but until we try, we can have no hope of understanding the problems.

Mauro Buccheri 13 “Essai Sur les Donn6s Imm6diates de la Conscience,” (1888) Henri Bergson wrote: Consciousness, tortured by an unappeasable desire of distinguishing, replaces the symbol to the reality or detects the latter only through the former. And, since the fundamental “I”, thus refracted and therefore subdivided, fits much better to the requirements of social life in general, and of language in particular, it (the consciousness) prefers (the symbol) and, little by little, forgets the fundamental “I”.

Studies by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela have described the complex operations of a living system as a self-organizing web where all nodes continuously exchange information between each other, starting from the input given by external stimuli. In these autopoietic systems, the feedback relations between the nodes are able to modify (in some cases even create or delete) the functions of the nodes themselves in order to stabilize the whole system [21]. All these studies lead us to think that evolution through formation and chaotic development of self-organization processes might be a general principle nature obeys in all its manifestations.

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