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By Theresa Heyd

How genres emerge and evolve on the net has turn into one of many significant questions in reports of computer-mediated communique (CMC). This booklet addresses the difficulty of genrefication through giving an in-depth research of e mail hoaxes as a candidate for electronic style prestige. e mail hoaxes are misleading messages that unfold in electronic social networks; they seem to be a interesting item for discourse linguistics as they exemplify an enormous pragmatic tendency in CMC, specifically deceptivity and a reducing of sincerity criteria. This learn examines formal and practical features of e mail hoaxes and offers plentiful facts either from a systematized corpus and in situ facts accumulated online.Besides a structural and microlinguistic research, it identifies key concerns reminiscent of pragmatic duality, narrativity and textual version and alter in e-mail hoaxes. In end, a electronic style version is printed that bridges either the old/new and the formal/functional gaps and should be utilized to many different electronic style ecologies.

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Interestingly, such parodies have accompanied the phenomenon from the very beginning: as Ferbrache (1992: 18) documents, even the 2400 baud modem virus EH in 1988 was followed on the heels by a similarly radical parody. This may be taken as an indication that email hoaxing holds a strong place in communicants’ awareness: in order to become the target of imitations, a discourse type must be firmly established, easily recognizable, and have some weight in communicative practice. Nevertheless, hoaxed hoaxes remain a marginal phenomenon, and this is reflected in the corpus: only 6 items (4%) were collected.

These, however, are aware of the ongoing research project; as a result, the present researcher has received hardly any genuinely felt EHs through her social network in the past few years; in addition, such emails as were sent were informed by a wish to contribute to the ongoing project – and were therefore unauthentic in terms of their communication structure and pragmatic background. In short, the nature of the data and the research settings create an observer’s paradox in the true Labovian sense.

For example, there is a conspicuous use of “(you) guys” as a vocative – a typical feature of American English that is analyzed in the deictics section. Highly stereotypical markers of AE seem to be avoided in EHs, however; while one item (the ‘Sandy’ charity EH ID: 85) contains two occurrences of the typically Southern American English “fixing to”, this appears to be highly exceptional, and may have been used for ironical purposes here. While no consensus exists as of yet whether language contact in CMC will lead to an overall convergence or divergence of English varieties on the Internet, this prevalence of a largely unspecific American English in EHs can certainly be interpreted as a case of convergence.

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