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By T.A.Gopinatha Rao, Gopinatha Rao

This treatise is an early try out for a diligent seek into the foundation, descriptions, symbols, mythological historical past, that means and ethical goals of Hindu photographs. The ebook is in volumes, every one quantity back in elements. Vol. I, half I encompasses a lengthy creation discussing between different issues the beginning of Hindu picture worship in India, explanatory description of the phrases hired within the paintings, Ganapati, Visnu and his significant and minor avataras and manifestations, Garuda and Ayudha-Purushas or personified pictures of the guns and symbols held by way of gods. Vol. I, half II offers with Aditya and Nava Grahas (nine planets) and their symbolic good points and photographs worshipped, Devi (Goddesses), Parivara-devatas, and size of proportions in photos. Vol. II, half I starts off with an advent discussing the cult of Siva that's by way of such very important themes as Siva, Lingas, Lingodbhavamurti, Chandrasekharamurti, Pasupatamurti and Raudrapasupatamurti, different Ugra different types of Siva, Dakshinamurti, Kankalamurti and Bhikshatanamurti, and different vital features of Siva. Vol. II, half II includes descriptions of Subrahmanya, Nandikesvara and Adhikaranandi, Chandesvara, Bhaktas, Arya or Hariharaputra, Kshetrapalas, Brahma, the Dikpalakas, and demi-gods. furthermore the ebook comprises five Appendices together with Sanskrit texts of Parivaradevatah, Uttamadasatalavidhih and Pratimalaksanani. The therapy has been made fascinating by way of profuse illustrations, the 2 volumes containing as many as 282 photos of sacred photos.

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11 HINDU ICONOGRAPHY. Bana-lin^as mostly consist of quartz and are They egg-shaped pebbles. Bana-lingas. cnbed of m . Trilochana Sivacharya by Isvara and may be i are des- ^^ the Siddhanta-sardvali : — " Banalingas are liked in sizes ranging from the eighth of an ahgnla (inch) to one hasta (cubit). They may be of the colour of a xi'gQJamhu fruit, of honey, of a black beetle, or of the touch-stone, or may be blue, deep-red or green. also be of the They have like to an egg same colour The the as x>ltlm hana-linga.

Is Fine spiralled ones grant desires of the worshipper, whereas black ones {Mrti) sons. ), said to belong grant peace ibhoga). Even might be worshipped. ), many many big lines, of chakras in a having only one loop in the or large spiralled, down-looking and burnt ones, very red ones, number of holes or pits, or porous, unusually large sized, those spirals, or mouthed number ill line ; looking ones, and those with a worshipping these brings only misery to the worshipper. 11 HINDU ICONOGRAPHY. Bana-lin^as mostly consist of quartz and are They egg-shaped pebbles.

Do. Mahabalipuram ... Mahabalipuram 01 Durga panel, Mahabalipuram ... Oil Fig. ]. Katyayani or Mahisbasura-marddani, Madras Museum ... Oil— Fig. 2. Durga, Conjeevaram OIII Katyayani or Mahisbasura-marddani, Gah- 341 342 343 XCIX— Fig. XOIX— Fig. Sringeri Durga, Opakkur 1. 2. C— Durga, — — . 344 344 — gaikondasolapuram, OIV— Do. CV— (A. S. ) Mahabalipuram Do. OVI — Standing Bhadrakali, turai, (A. S. ) CVII— Fig, CVII— Fig. CVIII— Fig. 1. figure of Do. 1. Parvatii, Madras Museum BUora OVIII— Fig.

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