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By E. A. Vander Veer

Facebook is not only for students anymore. hundreds of thousands of businesses use the positioning for every little thing from venture collaboration and advertisements to filling--and finding--jobs. This Mini lacking guide is geared toward pros who are looking to use fb to assist them within the paintings international. no matter if you are looking for a gig or are looking to advance your company's revenues, you will find important counsel you could follow today.

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5. Check your ad for errors, and then enter your credit card info. If you spot a mistake, click Change Ad to go back and fix the error. You should check out Facebook’s Advertising Terms and Conditions, too. Basically, by running your ad, you certify that you’re not lying to people or trying to sell something objectionable or illegal, like drugs or porn or copyright-protected music. ) Then head to the bottom of the Review Ad page and click the Place Order button. Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual 57 Note: After you create your ad, you can change it.

Then click the Edit link next to the field you want to change, or (to tweak the way the ad looks) click the Edit Ad Creative button. 6. Check on your ad. You can see daily statistics as well as indepth demographics (through Facebook’s Insights program, explained earlier) in as little as a few hours after Facebook starts running your ad. ” Then click the name of the ad campaign you want to check out. Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual 58 Tip: To see the ad info in easy-to-interpret graph form, head to the “Choose a graph” drop-down menu and select Clicks, Impressions, or CTR.

On the Upload Photos page that appears, Facebook gives you two options: • You can browse your computer for the picture files you want to upload and then upload them all at once. png files or your computer balks at the behind-thescenes code that makes this option possible (it can happen), in which case you want to go with the next option. Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual 29 Note: Depending on how you have your computer set up, the first time you upload photos Facebook may ask your permission to install the plug-in it needs to work its magic (called the Active X Control).

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