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By Denis Diderot

This quantity provides a variety of the political writings of 1 of the main major figures of the French enlightenment. It comprises crucial articles that Diderot contributed to the Encyclopédie, of which he was once vital editor, the entire texts of his Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville and Observations sur le Nakaz (translated into English the following for the 1st time), and a considerable variety of his contributions to Raynal's Histoire des Deux Indes. The editors' advent places those works in context, exhibiting their crucial positive aspects and underlying coherence.

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In different ways these themes of organic growth and adaptability inform all the works presented here. They lend weight to Diderot's account of the sequential march of the human spirit over generations, in the article 'Encyclopedic'; to his conjunction of sexual pleasure with the promo­ tion of public utility, in the Suppliment; to his critique of physiocracy which threatens to prove a 'philosophy contrary to man's nature', in the Observations (Lxxm); and to his contention that men were never isolated but always carried with them a seed of sociability, in the Histoire (24) .

Xn of the CEuvres completes (Paris I 989) offers a more accurate transcription of the S t Petersburg manuscript and collates the text with passages in Diderot's other writings. le part (Brussels I 97 s ) . See also Dena Goodm an , 'The stru cture of political argument in Diderot's Supplement au VO)'age de Bouga inville', Diderot Studies 2 I ( I 983), pp. I 2 3-3 7 ; Ralph Leigh, 'Dide rot's Tahiti', in Studies in the Eighteenth Century, 5, ed. P . Hardy and J . C . Eade (Oxford I 983 ), pp. I I 4- 1 28; Luzian Okon, 'Natu re ' et 'civilisation ' dans le 'Suppliment au vo_yage de Bougaim·ille ' de Denis Diderot (Frankfurt I 98o); and the critical guide to the text by Peter Jimack (London I 988) .

20. De officio hominis et civis, which forms an abridgement et gentium. The whole of this article follows the De jure, IS Articles from the Encyclopedie and who could look forward to passing from the status of commoners to the first ranks of the magistracy - a prospect possible only in pure democracies . . Pufendorf, in restricting the name of citizen to those who have established the state by a first assembly of families, and to their successors from father to son, introduced a frivolous distinction on which his work sheds little light and which can cause much con­ fusion in a civil society.

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