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By A. V. Srinivasan

Dharma is an old Hindu suggestion which serves as a origin from which the Hindu price procedure has developed. The ebook offers a viewpoint for either Hindus and others to improve a suppose for this so much refined, but a unconditionally ingrained characteristic that outline Hindu existence each day.

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In any case he proceeds to the edge to collect some water to begin the last rites for the dead. And then he hears the same warning. Yudhishtira, instead of ignoring the warning, agrees to the condition and assures the voice that he will try and answer the questions. Some 120 questions were posed and answered. Among them are two very relevant to this discussion. What in one word is Dharma?? Skill.? This underlines the need for knowledge, physical and mental prowess, essential in resolving conflicts in the context of maintaining dharma.

Sati, the ancient cruel and ugly practice of a wife perishing with her husband on the funeral pyre has been abandoned and declared unlawful. The true spirit of dharma was thus restored to the credit of Hindu thinkers. Another example pertains to Hindu weddings. A careful study reveals how many of the steps discussed in the Rg Veda are still practiced with minor modifications to suit the modern times without compromising on the basic requirements (see my book Vedic Wedding: Origins, Tradition and Practice for detailed discussion of the historical basis).

This puts an enormous burden on women but it seems as though nature intended it! The yaksha was satisfied with the answers and declared that Yudhishtira could have the life of one brother restored and asks him to choose. s choice moment for the prince! Yudhishtira, without any hesitation, chooses Nakula, son of Madri, the second wife of his father King Pandu. The yaksha asks Yudhishitira why he chose Nakula when given the choice of only one brother to be brought back to life. Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha.?

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