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DevOps is a cultural move thats attempting to holiday those partitions. curious about automation, collaboration, device sharing and data sharing, DevOps has been revealing that builders and approach engineers have much to benefit from each other. during this ebook, Danilo Sato will assist you to enforce DevOps and non-stop supply practices so one can increase your platforms deployment frequency whilst expanding the construction purposes balance and robustness. you'll the best way to automate an internet functions construct and installation stages and the infrastructure administration, the way to video display the process deployed to creation, tips on how to evolve and migrate an structure to the cloud and nonetheless get to understand numerous different instruments that you should use in your corporation

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Code Crushing Chapter �. Monitoring Fig. �: Monitoring SSH service in more hosts To simplify our con�guration later, we will add our servers to two new host groups, one group called web-servers and the other called db-servers. �. 12 hostgroups ssh-servers, debian-servers, web-servers } A�er reloading the con�guration �le – by running the same sudo service nagios3 reload command – you may check that there are new groups by clicking the Host Groups link on the Nagios administration screen. Executing several checks and sending alerts when something is wrong are the most important features of a monitoring system like Nagios.

Web: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration... web: Adapter 1: nat web: Adapter 2: hostonly ==> web: Forwarding ports... web: 22 => 2200 (adapter 1) ==> web: Booting VM... ==> web: Waiting for machine to boot. This may take a few minutes... �. Con�guring the production servers web: web: ==> web: ==> web: ==> web: web: Code Crushing SSH username: vagrant SSH auth method: private key Machine booted and ready! Configuring and enabling network interfaces... Mounting shared folders...

Executing it directly from the command line, we can see which arguments it accepts: vagrant@monitor$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_http --help ... Usage: check_http -H | -I [-u ] [-p ] [-w ] [-c ] [-t ] [-L] [-a auth] [-b proxy_auth] [-f ] [-e ] [-s string] [-l] [-r | -R ] [-P string] [-m :] [-4|-6] [-N] [-M ] [-A string] [-k string] [-S ] [--sni] [-C [,]] [-T ] [-j method] NOTE: One or both of -H and -I must be specified ...

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