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By Abdullah Ocalan

During this brochure Öcalan's political venture, the Democratic Confederalism, is constructed systematically. A basic feedback of the country kingdom is by means of an outline of its attainable replacement, a transnational grass-roots democracy. The texts that shape this brochure were compiled from a number of of Öcalan's, as of this present day, nonetheless untranslated books.

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DIVERSITY OF THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE The contradictions of the society and its composition necessitate political groups with both vertical and horizontal hierarchies. Central, regional and local groups need to be balanced this way. Only they will be able to deal with, each for itself, their special concrete situation and develop suitable solutions for far-reaching social problems. People have the right by nature to express their cultural, ethnic or national identities by means of political associations.

There has been much bloodshed; what remains is the difficult legacy of seemingly irresolvable problems. The Israel-Palestine example shows the complete failure of the capitalist modernity and the nation-state. The Jews belong to the culture bearers of the Middle East. Denial of their right to existence is an attack on the Middle East as such. Their transformation into a democratic nation would make their participation in a democratic confederation of the Middle East easier. The joint project of an East-Aegean democratic confederation would be a positive start.

Overcoming the state, particularly the nation-state, is a long process. The state will be overcome once democratic confederalism has proved its problem-solving capacities with a view to social issues. This does not mean, though, that attacks by nation-states have to be accepted. Democratic confederations will maintain self-defense forces at all times. Democratic confederations will not be limited to organize themselves within a single particular territory. They will extend across borders if and when their societies so wish.

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