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By Adam Przeworski

What will we know about democracy from the event of post-Soviet Russia? What will we find out about the clients for democracy in Russia from the adventure of "really present democracies?" needs to a few "pre-requisites," cultural or fabric, be fulfilled for democracy to develop into attainable? This ebook examines the present country and the clients for democracy in Russia, posing a number of demanding situations to our figuring out of democracy. 13 individuals extend the controversy over those questions, supplying numerous insights, interpretations, and conclusions very important to figuring out the stipulations of emergence and survival of profitable democracies

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Thus, there have been both sovereign and nonsovereign democracies. Democracies that appeared of their own accord rather than being imposed are sovereign democracies, like in Great Britain and later in the United States. One could also say that among the great powers, apart from Great Britain and the United States, only in France did the modern liberal democracy develop on its own without direct external interference. This certainly took a long period of time and was accompanied by significant social upheaval.

Therefore Putin was not in a position to eliminate something that did not exist. The allegation that democracy degraded from Yeltsin to Putin and that, by 2004, according to Freedom House, Russia was not a free country does not withstand any criticism either. Anyone who has some knowledge of Russian political history, unless he is politically biased, knows that the dirtiest election in the new Russia took place in 1996. The worst violations of the law and of the current Constitution occurred in 1993 and ended in the bombing of the Parliament building.

As Russian society and the political class assimilate democratic norms and traditions, they may very well master the culture of horizontal relations. According to Przeworski (in this volume), “The claim that the antidemocratic proclivities of “civilizations” are given once and for all hurls itself against historical experience. To go back to Mill, ‘People are more easily induced to do, and do more easily, what they are already used to; but people also learn to do things new to them”’. Przeworski furthermore concludes that we have failed to corroborate the assertion that some cultures are not compatible with democracy.

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