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By Laine Campbell, Charity Majors

If you’re an IT expert trying to develop your wisdom of database management, this useful ebook takes you thru every one section of web site reliability and operations in the context of database engines. IT staffers with minimum database operations event can use this information as a origin of the structure and operations inside of a selected database. This ebook makes use of open-source engines akin to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra as examples all through.

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36 | Chapter 2: Operational Visibility Speaking of lessons learned the hard way, you should always have some off-premise monitoring -- if nothing else, an offsite health check for your monitoring service itself. It doesn’t matter how amazing and robust your on-premise monitoring ecosystem is if your data center or cloud region goes down and takes your whole monitoring apparatus with it. Setting up an external check for each major product or service, as well as a health check on the monitor‐ ing service itself is a good best practice.

Being cost effective and efficient is crucial. When monitoring CPU, monitor steal time. This is time the virtual CPU is waiting on real CPU which is being used elsewhere. High steal times (10% or more over sustained periods) are indicators that there is a noisy neighbor in your environment! If steal time is the same across all of your hosts, this probably means that you are the culprit and you may need to add more capacity and/or rebalance. If steal time is on one or a few hosts, that means some other tenant is stealing your time!

Startups fail all the time, but usually not because the engineers failed to anticipate and measure every conceivable storage metric in Bootstrapping your Monitoring | 33 advance. What we need to start with is a Minimum Viable Monitor‐ ing Set. Enumerating Moving Parts of the Database You can think of your data as a stream from clients to databases. At the highest of levels, the database exists to take data in, to hold data and to serve data back. • • • • • • Data in client memory. Data across the wire between client and datastore.

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