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By Margaret Weis

Someone,or something,is rippingthe hearts from residing males. Justinian, Lord Sterling, has lived for hundreds of years, serving an historic entity identified merely because the Dragon. Immortality is Justin's gift. yet to maintain it, he needs to preserve killing. Lt. Sandra McCormick is a devoted cop, a loner whose activity is her safe haven from a twisted prior. yet to maintain it, she needs to cease the killing.Two loners, every one stalking the opposite. every one destined to be the other's savior--and downfall. for romance, unforeseen, unstoppable, attracts them jointly. And love is the only vice the Dragon won't enable . . .

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She turned left off Lakeshore Drive into the quaint gentrified area east of Michigan Avenue, between the Miracle Mile and the lake itself. After parking curbside, she checked the seat of her car to make sure she hadn’t left anything to attract the smash-and-grab artists, got out, locked up, and walked to the front gate of her building, an old warehouse converted to condos for urban dwellers. A man was walking toward her. She marked him with her peripheral vision as she punched in her security code.

She hadn’t known Jack Madrone that well. She’d seen him around the Twenty-third District station on Halstead from time to time, talked to him once or twice. He always had a five o’clock shadow, always smelled of stale sweat, and always seemed to be mentally undressing her when she spoke with him. From what she gathered, he hadn’t been very popular, but he had been a good detective. And nobody ever said you had to be a saint to be a good cop. ” she asked McKenzie, who had followed her into the room.

He turned and faced the gawkers, who stared back at him with barely suppressed excitement. Blood lust, McKenzie thought, disgusted. ” he shouted. “Get back to your apartments. We have everything under control out here, so go on home. ” He lowered his voice and aimed a quick aside at the uniformed officer. “Get them outta here. Escort them to their doors if you have to. ” The beat cop began pushing people away from Madrone’s apartment door. Sandra ducked under the yellow tape, crossed the threshold, and looked around.

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