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By Gwyn Thomas

Gwyn Thomas offers an obtainable English translation of Dafydd ap Gwilym's, (the such a lot prolific and recognized of medieval Welsh poets), entire poems. The poems are annotated to deliver out their old and literary context.

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For a prime poet is it not pleasing To see such lively, lovely thronging? A fair lordship [and] fair dukedom Are based inside Basaleg. At his home, gloves was I given, Not like a Saxon’s Saxon gloves; Gloves, a lord’s true Calend-gift, Ifor’s gloves are pleasant wealth; [They’re the] gloves of Dafydd’s lord, Ifor Hael, what greater one would give them? My blessing, [pure]-winnowed, Will come home to Ifor Hael. 7 17 26 34 35 47 57 59 62 17 40 44 48 52 56 60 Ceri: a place in Powys. The meaning of the second half of this line is not clear.

Lord of birch-trees, heavens of concord In paradise and present world, praise’s pillar, I would have what gift I’d want (I’m wealthy and I’m eminent) Of good words, of silver, Of rich gold (as any hundred know), Of clothes (no reprehending), Of magnificent French arms (Sustaining cost), of mead and wine, Of jewels: like Taliesin! Exploits of strength! King of the world! You, Ifor, father of [all] revelry, 1 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 TAKING LEAVE OF IFOR HAEL 19 Famed in taverns, [and] fine-living judge, The [very] face of kindness, gave them.

For bravery [with] bustling sword, [for] very clear speaking, And skill to make an army ebb, For great, [and for] flowing attack, my golden fortress, No two are worthy compared with the resolute Ifor. 1 4 8 For wisdom, no Norman’s nearer to him Than France is near to Manaw, For casting from him any idle argument No three are worthy compared with Ifor yonder. 12 For obedience, faith, generosity and fortune, And love of his poet, No four, spear-wielding liberal [lords], are worthy Compared with Ifor, of Ovid’s eloquence.

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