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By Ciaran Benson

Philosophers and psychologists either examine the self, yet frequently in isolation from each other. this booklet brings jointly reviews by means of philosophers and psychologists in an exploration of the self and its functionality. will probably be of curiosity to all these serious about philosophy, psychology and sociology.

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P. 54. , p. 56. See G. Lakoff and M. Johnson, Metaphors We Live By, Chicago and London, University of Chicago Press, 1980. See J. W. Stigler, R. A. Shweder, and G. Herdt (eds), Cultural Psychology: Essays on Comparative Human Development, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1990; R. Harré, Social Being, 2nd edn, Oxford, Blackwell, 1993; M. , Harvard University Press, 1996; B. Shore, Culture in Mind: Cognition, Culture, and the Problem of Meaning, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1996; J. , Harvard University Press, 1996; M.

It operates by way of analogy, by way of constructing an analog space with an analog ‘I’ that can observe that space, and move metaphorically in it. It operates on any reactivity, excerpts relevant aspects, narrativizes and conciliates them together in a metaphorical space where such meanings can be manipulated like things in space. Conscious mind is a spatial analog of the world and mental acts are analogs of bodily acts. (J. Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, 1976, pp.

In the egocentric frame, spatial relationships are organised with reference to the viewer. In the allocentric frame, spatial relationships are perceived to hold between objects independently of the viewer. Experiments to induce the feeling that you are moving, for example, can pull either egocentric or allocentric frames of reference into play. 6 Categorical representations are familiar linguistic ones such as that my computer lies to the right of my desk-lamp, and that my desk is situated on the lefthand side of the room in front of the window.

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