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Appropriate for college students pursuing classes in administration in universities and scholars in India, this paintings explains the basics of the themes and is illustrated with useful examples in Indian atmosphere.

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Hardwork/leisure: This has marketing implications on labour saving products and instant foods. Some societies value hardwork and consider it as a fuller life. Others adopt labour saving devices and instant foods to have more leisure time at their disposal. Postponed gratification/immediate gratification: Should one save for the rainy day or live for the day? Sacrifice the present for the future, or live only for the day? Some countries like The Netherlands and Germany consider buying against credit cards as living beyond one’s means, whereas credit cards are very popular in America and other countries having a different cultural orientation, some prefer cash to debt.

3 on next page. PM5 31 ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES Classification in Four Broad Categories Cultural Culture Sub-culture Social Reference Group Social Class Family Role Status Personal Age and Life Cycles Stage Occupation Roles a person plays in a society, his status and affiliations with groups Motivation Perception Buyer Economic Circumstances Learning Life Style Beliefs Personality Attitudes Self-concept Culture is learned behaviour and pattern of living Psychological Life cycle stage— Bachelor, Married Full nest I, II, III Empty nest I, II Solitary Survivor Buying characteristics are influenced by the above Fig.

They are people engaged in construction work and work with their hands and in the industry. They are politically conservative, suspicious of new ideas, they buy stuff which helps them in achieving their purpose. They buy tools, pick up trucks and, all that helps them in practical work. Strivers They are a status-oriented category, but have a low income as they are striving to find a secure place in life. They are low in economic, social and psychological resources. They are concerned about the opinion of others.

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