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By Nisargadatta Maharaj

The knowledge contained during this choice of talks emerged from dialogues with those that got here from all over the area to profit the mysteries of existence on the toes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, probably the most respected holy males of India. The talks in Consciousness and the Absolute have been recorded presently earlier than Nisargadatta's loss of life in 1981, and translated on to English with out adjustments. In a question-and-answer structure, the viewers and devotees observed this nice grasp in the course of his ultimate teachings. His message uncompromisingly remained a similar to the top, to live simply on our beingness, giving it no attributes, living ahead of our thoughts.

In Consciousness and the Absolute, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj speaks to us at the present time and tomorrow.

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This identification, which has been changing from infancy to your present state, and which will continue to change in the course of time, is purely seasonal. You identify with the body on the strength of hearsay. Your parents told you that you were born on a certain date, and that this body is what you are. So, based on hearsay, you formed your identity with a certain image. You may think that now you have become jfianis and that you know your identity very well, but most often this is a case of sensory deception.

I am addicted to chewing tobacco; despite the advice of doctors not to do it, I am still doing it. That is because I am possessed by the essence of these elements. Space is indicative of the world, in that space the world is. Space is like an incipient world. The world is not there, but the material of the world is there. From there I start feeling "I Am". With air the movement is there, with fire the Talks ofNisargadatta Maharaj / 47 heat, with water all seeds and everything else, and because of water the taste is there.

Maharaj: The prominent and firm reply is only you are. You throw the hooks with bait into the water to catch the fish. In that way you, with the concept that you are, throw in the bait and haul in lots of concepts for yourself. So when the question followed by the answer is there, then anything which is refused (what remains) is that rejection. Prior to any other recognition, you already are. If you are not, other people are not. You are supporting yourself on the intellect of the body and having stabilized in the body or the intellect, you are creating or inviting a lot of concepts, and in the concepts you are bogged down.

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