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By Mark Edward Soper

Enable me commence by way of asserting that this day I took the 220-701, the 1st of the mandatory checks. I handed with a rating of 775, which as top i will be able to determine correlates to among eighty five and ninety on a a hundred aspect scale. My examine was once solely self-directed and consisted of utilizing 4 diverse books, the A+ video sequence from okay Alliance and examination prep software program from [...].

I used a large choice of assets purposely, to make sure that every little thing i'd come upon at the try out used to be coated. in retrospect, I now discover that used to be pointless. i'll have kept loads of either time and cash just by utilizing this ebook solely. I most likely could have got a better rating besides, even though i am not disillusioned by way of any means!

I'm assuming that those that learn this have an interest in getting ready for the attempt as well.. you will get loads of diversified evaluations on find out how to cross approximately it, yet here is my cents. first of all, i beg you to lead away from all the "condensed" books in the market, ex. Mike Myers' Passport and the examination Cram model. of these examination Cram is by means of a ways the simplest, yet either fall method in need of providing you with enough preparation.

Second, if you are a amateur as i used to be again in March whilst I heavily started to examine, take a while. The A+ will consume you alive when you wait until eventually a few weeks ahead of and check out to shove every little thing you would like on your head. The questions will not be basic true-false or maybe the vintage a number of selection. they're written within the kind of real-life eventualities you will probably face as a tech, forcing you to imagine them via and select the easiest out of what are frequently numerous strong answers.

Third, and that i comprehend many may perhaps disagree, yet i discovered the cert. prep. perform exams like [...] to be mostly wasted time. There wasn't a unmarried query at the real examination that used to be just like those on their software program. you cannot cross this factor simply by memorizing solutions - now not that you simply have been considering alongside these strains besides of course.

So, what do I recommend? First, GET THIS booklet. i discovered it to be the easiest total out of numerous I thought of, with the Dummies model coming in a detailed moment. i counsel steerage away from Mike Myers and Scott Jernigan. i discovered their fabric to be either juvenile and complicated. This used to be very true of the Passport A+ consultant, which had might be part the data wanted for the test.

Secondly, try out the net video clips at [...]. Professor Messer's education sequence is nearly as good because the ones I paid numerous hundred funds for, greater in lots of methods, and they're FREE.

Third, get a computer and a computer computer you could thoroughly ruin (make definite they've got XP or Vista, ideally either) then continue to take action. Play with the BIOS, eliminate and change the RAM, mess around with the video display settings, unhook and reattach the facility and date cables. modify the settings up to the mark Panel. swap out the CMOS battery. Get a few compressed air and discover what occurs for those who blow it within the USB ports. Hands-on is a necessary complement to ebook learning.

When you are feeling you are ready, take the unfastened pretest at Comptia's web site. it is the top unmarried indicator you can find of the way good you will do at the genuine exam.

As for me, i am taking 220-702 on 10/1. With every little thing i have realized from this glorious publication i'm convinced i'm going to cross and shortly have my certificates. it truly is only a subject of exertions and the suitable assets. solid luck!

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Record the value and write down binary 1. Table 1-3 Powers of 2 Power of 2 Decimal Value Power of 2 Decimal Value 20 1 29 512 1 2 2 10 2 1024 22 4 211 2048 23 8 212 4096 24 16 213 8192 25 32 214 16384 2 64 15 2 32768 27 128 216 65536 2 256 2 131072 6 8 17 Chapter 1: PC Technician Essentials 9 Step 3. Move to the next lower power of two. If you can subtract it, record the result and also write down binary 1. If you cannot subtract it, write down binary 0. Step 4. Repeat Step 3 until you attempt to subtract 20 (1).

Decimal Numbering System We use the decimal or base 10 system for everyday math. A variation on straight decimal numbering is to use “powers of 2” as a shortcut for large values. For example, drive storage sizes often are defined in terms of decimal bytes, but the number of colors that a video card can display can be referred to as “24-bit” (or 224), which is the same as 16,777,216 colors. Binary Numbering System All data is stored in computers in a stream of 1s (on) and 0s (off). Because only two characters (0 and 1) are used to represent data, this is called a “binary” numbering system.

Table 1-4 provides the most typical values and their relationship to the byte. Table 1-4 Decimal and Binary Measurements Measurement Type Number of Bytes/Bits D=Decimal B=Binary Bit 1/8 of a byte Nibble 1/2 of a byte Byte 8 bits Kilobit (Kb) D 1,000 bits B 1,024 bits (128 bytes) D 1,000 bytes B 1,024 bytes D 1,000,000 bits B 1,048,576 bits (131,072 bytes) D 1,000,000 bytes B 1,048,576 bytes D 1,000,000,000 bits B 1,073,741,824 bits D 1,000,000,000 bytes B 1,073,741,824 bytes Kilobyte (KB) Megabit (Mb) Megabyte (MB) Gigabit (Gb) Gigabyte (GB) Chapter 1: PC Technician Essentials 11 DECIMAL VERSUS BINARY NUMBERING CONFUSION The use of the terms kilobit, kilobyte, megabit, megabyte, gigabit, and gigabyte to refer both to decimal and binary values has caused widespread confusion about the capacities of magnetic, optical, and flash memory storage.

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