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By Isabelle Duyvesteyn

Oil, diamonds, bushes, nutrients relief - just some of the feedback recommend as motives for African wars some time past decade.

Another set of feedback makes a speciality of ethnic and extended family issues. those financial and ethnic or extended family causes contend that wars are in particular no longer fought by means of states for political pursuits with in general traditional army skill, as initially advised by means of Carl von Clausewitz within the nineteenth century. This learn shows how substitute social corporations to the country can be viewed as political actors utilizing battle as a political instrument.

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Most of the land is used for cattle herding, with less than 2 per cent suitable for the growing of crops. This agricultural land is situated between the Shabeelle and Jubba rivers in the south. The annual rainfall is below 50 centimetres; however, the annual rainy season, from April to June, can make large parts of the country inaccessible. 1 The Somali coastline is the longest on the African continent; with the exception of parts of the north, it is made up of sand dunes. 2 It is one of the poorest countries in the world.

At this time, Johnson and his men were confronting both the AFL and the NPFL. 41 On 1 August 1990 the government troops mounted a counter-attack and managed to reopen the road to Sierra Leone and re-establish control over the international airport. The success of the government counteroffensive was short-lived. The rebels pushed the government army further and further towards the sea. The rebel faction that benefited most was Johnson’s INPFL. The NPFL controlled only the eastern outskirts of Monrovia, while Prince Johnson established control over the north and the west of the city.

After the overthrow of the Ethiopian emperor, 39 CASE STUDY II: SOMALIA, 1988–95 Haile Selassie, in 1974 by a communist revolution, Barre decided it was time to realise the unity of all Somalis. The Soviets, however, weighed in on the Ethiopian side and Barre was forced to admit defeat. From 1978 the place of most important donor state was taken over by the United States. The United States’ interests in Somalia included a runway and a naval facility at Berbera, which was used for the monitoring of shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

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