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Although many of the products of early factory industry, did not compete with handicraft production, an increasing variety of different goods that were once produced only in handicraft workshops faced competition from manufactures during the mid-nineteenth century, including products of the baking, printing, cabinetmaking, hatmaking, masonry, furnituremaking, and metal working industries. 26 In the textile industry the products of factories posed a growing challenge to rural putting-out production.

Why choose a very delimited area in time and space to grapple with questions that others have sought to answer with an historical perspective that spans centuries and continents? First of all, questions about different processes of change, including class formation and the social basis of changing political behavior, call for information about changes in the day-to-day experiences of ordinary people. The compilation of systematic information about tens of thousands of individuals is most easily done at the local level, through an analysis of manuscript censuses, marriage records, police dossiers, judicial archives, newspapers, etc.

Greater control by employers over the production process, an increased scale of production, and an intensified division of labor gave capitalist factory production a competitive advantage over handicraft production. This competitive advantage resulted in the crisis and transformation of handicraft production during the course of the nineteenth century. The Impact of Early Capitalist Development upon French Artisans The development of capitalist factory and putting-out production affected French artisans in a variety of ways.

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