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A glimmer of amusement danced in his eyes. “To the contrary, miss. ” He gestured to the well-stocked bookshelves that lined one wall of the cabin. “The captain is an avid student of military history. ” His eyes darkened. “No, not a pirate. President Madison has issued him a letter of marque. ” She folded her arms across her chest, hugging the quilt to her bosom. “Do you know why he’s abducted me? ” Despite his formal manner, Taylor’s gaze lingered over her unclothed calves. ” Cathy flushed, though she felt sure he posed no threat to her.

The sun’s rays danced over the strong, chiseled planes of his face and highlighted the warmth in his nearly black hair. Her gaze swept over the breadth of lean, muscled shoulders and trailed to a narrow waist and down his long legs. Under different circumstances, she might have welcomed this man’s courtship. The memory of his merciless possession flooded over her again, rippling heat from the tips of her toes to her cheeks. Dear God, she wanted him, she thought miserably as she cursed the weakness of her flesh.

I will give myself to you,” she whispered as his fingertips swept over her naked flesh in sensual exploration. His soft laugh echoed in the darkness. “You will give yourself to me? ” She managed to find her voice. ” His assault on her senses resumed in earnest. His hands roamed the sensitive flesh, stirring each nerve to maddening awareness. Cathy melted to his touch, craving every sweep of his heat against her skin. She wanted nothing more than to be taken by this man who’d claimed her as his own.

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