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By Jeff Mariotte

Aric, a half-elf with an extraordinary common skill with the psionic self-discipline often called “the Way,” needs to locate his position in a global governed by means of the tyranny of evil sorcerer kings, and ruled by way of the savage wilds of the Athasian desolate tract, a global presided over through the unrelenting red eye of Dark Sun®.
When Aric is introduced right into a quest to look for a invaluable trove guns, he may fairly preserve his head down and reside an easy life.  yet not anything is easy within the urban of Nibenay with it reclusive ruler referred to as the Shadow King. And in a global the place steel is the rarest of commodities, Aric’s “way” with steel is a good rarer talent.
Enlisted via the Shadow King himself to find this cache of steel weaponry, Aric heads into the wasteland with a treacherous band of adventurers.  Allegiances are established and secrets and techniques are exposed. yet occasionally the secrets and techniques hidden by means of the sands of time should still stay undiscovered.
When Aric and his band discover an evil might be more than the Shadow King himself, it's a race opposed to time to determine who will harness its strength.

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Siemhouk hadn’t spoken, either, but the look on her face could not, under any circumstances, be confused for a sympathetic one. She looked like she might order the merchant put to death for boring her. It had happened before. “I … perhaps I’ll just talk to the baker again,” Rahede said. “Try to work things out. And if we can’t, then … then I’ll move. ” “That would be best,” Rejan said. “I know that baker. ” “That would … I will make sure such a sacrifice is offered,” Rahede said. He backed out of the room on hands and knees, thanking the high consorts profusely as he went.

Rieve shot Aric a quick look of apology, then turned to the newcomer, her face instantly softening. “Pietrus, dear, now isn’t the time. ” “Her brother,” Corlan whispered. “There’s something wrong with him. With his mind. ” “Time, time, time, time,” Pietrus echoed, stomping around in a tight square as he did. ” Rieve reached her brother and put her hands on his arm. He seemed to melt a little at that, his tensed muscles relaxing a bit. But he glowered at Corlan and Aric, and Aric was afraid he might come over and attack.

The others at the table went quiet, drinking their ale, or wine in Kenif’s case, chewing their meat. Aric was sorry that he had spoiled the celebratory mood. He knew, and he suspected they all did, that no matter how much fun tonight, in the morning they would all get up and spend another day in service to those who were wealthier and more powerful than they. On Athas, that was the best one could hope for. And it wasn’t good to spend too much time dwelling on the worst. 2 Someone was pounding on the shop’s front door.

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