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By Mahnaz Yousefzadeh

This publication investigates the 1st nationwide competition of recent Italy, the 6th Centenary competition of Dante Alighieri in 1865. The learn contains an historic reconstruction of the development in keeping with the invention of un-catalogued and unpublished files left by means of the organizers. The narrative poses the Centenary as a platform upon which an alternate definition of Italian nationwide identification emerged, one in keeping with a background of Florentine Cultural nationalism that adverse the Piedmontese territorial nationalism.

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Writers such as Sismonde de Sismondi embraced Dante because of the poet’s resistance to both the temporal power of the pope and to the French interference within Italian politics. 96 This latter attribution was pivotal to the Centenary project. Indeed, in understanding Dante in this manner the Centenary organizers would provide—also learn—a lesson that the Victorians possibly did not imagine. We have begun to see in this chapter that the legitimization of a nineteenth-century local site, Florence, as new capital depended on a national movement: the nationalization of Dante, and the extension of Florence itself, through the channels of civil society.

In return, France would remove its military personnel from the holy city, where it had been protecting the pope’s temporal rule. The controversial September Convention served as a catalyst that sharpened the differences between Moderates and Democrats. As mentioned, Democrats insisted on a more aggressive and uncompromising stance toward Napoleon and the pope. 16 The divisions among the Moderates themselves proved more serious. When the Turin elite protested the removal of the capital from their city and took to the streets, they met a fierce response that was led by the minister of interior, the Florentine politician Ubaldino Peruzzi (to be removed from his position within a few days, on September 27, 1864).

67 Florentines held that unification would best be characterized as the product of a longue durée of cultural nationalism, opposing this vision to the more modern and more recent territorial nationalism of Piedmont. The commemoration of Italian unity, therefore, should reinforce the first position (unification as the result of a lengthy cultural process) rather than bolster the second (unification as modern phenomenon). Herein lies the root of the rationale behind the Tuscan attempt to situate the birthday of the Florentine Dante in place of the Piedmontese Festa dello Statuto as the official festa of Italy, an issue that we shall now discuss.

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