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By Henriette van der Blom

This ebook is set the well-known Roman orator and statesman Cicero and his rhetorical and political technique as a newcomer in Roman republican politics. Henriette van der Blom argues that Cicero marketed himself as a follower of selected versions of behaviour from the prior - his position types - and in flip awarded himself as a task version to others. This special approach offers clean insights into the political and literary occupation of 1 of the best-known Romans, and into the
political discourse of the overdue Roman Republic.

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201; Orat. 120; Brut. 322. The range of historical exempla used by Cicero is vast in both time and space, but he limits his range to suit the particular contexts in which he spoke, as we shall see in Chapter 6. 26 Cic. Brut. 310. 27 Cic. Phil. 27. 28 Cic. Div. 72; Plut. Cic. 2. 29 Cic. Att. 3; Pis. 5 (turned down command after consulship), Fam. 2 (sent out to Cilicia against own wishes), Att. 7; Fam. 5 (impatience). 30 Cic. Brut. 151, 311. Mitchell (1979) 53, however, thinks that this late entry to the public stage must have been a ‘calculated response to political conditions, not .

The teacher is an obvious exemplum to his pupils, but also the writers of literature, history, and philosophy, which the pupils are set to study, can function as exempla to the pupils, as well as the figures mentioned in the literary, historical, and philosophical works. For Cicero, this element of exemplarity was exercised both as a pupil and as a teacher, and he hoped to become a historical exemplum himself. Cicero was born in 106 BC as the eldest son of a wealthy equestrian family in the town of Arpinum, about 70 miles south-east of Rome.

Gelzer’s definition followed by, for example, Syme (1939) 11; Earl (1961) 18; Nicolet (1977) 732. 10 Brunt (1982). 11 Shackleton Bailey (1986a) 256–8 and Burckhardt (1990) 81 for Gelzer. 12 Nicolet (1977) 728, 732; Bleicken (1981) 241, 252; Millar (1984) 11; Burckhardt (1990) 84; Levi (1998) 555; Flower (1996) 61–2. Afzelius (1938) 41 traced back Mommsen’s (Mommsen (1887) III3, 465) view of a ius imaginum to the Italian renaissance humanist Sigonio’s work De antiquo iure civium Romanorum (1560).

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