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By R. Süss, V. Kinzel, J. D. Scribner (auth.)

This booklet particularly must be learn on holiday, only for leisure. Granted, melanoma is, actually, a dangerous severe topic, and melanoma examine is basically part of drugs with Hippocrates in its again­ flooring. but, melanoma examine can be average technological know-how, and as such it yields the thrill and sorrows of any technological know-how. The melanoma challenge is additionally a mind teaser, a problem for the curious. This introductory record on experimental melanoma learn is there­ fore directed to curious scholars of many disciplines: clearly to scientific scholars, but in addition to chemists and physicists who've an curiosity in organic phenomena; biology scholars would definitely en­ counter pr9blems extraordinary to their box in what's supposedly a medi­ cal one. we have now tried to jot down with out assumptions to a undeniable measure, for a chemist is largely in over his head in drugs, and a doctor has merely the slightest concept of the chemical difficulties im­ portant in melanoma examine. We had no purpose of giving an entire view of the sector, and from the big variety of diverse strains of improvement now we have selected just a couple of. Chemotherapy, as an ex­ plentiful, has been taken care of particularly cursorily, in addition to RNA tumor viruses, even though it is feasible that simply those matters are specially very important for human tumors. Tumor induction through radiation may possibly purely be pointed out in passing, despite its nice useful importance; equally the function of hormones was once simply intimated.

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Carcinogenic Aromatic Amines are Bound Preferentially to h 2-Proteins Numerous different proteins are present in the liver. " It must store glycogen in order to supply the entire organism with glucose in emergencies; nutrition transported in through the portal vein must be converted, broken down, and reassembled. Even a part of the body's heat production falls to the liver. Enzymes are necessary for all of these jobs, and all of these enzymes are proteins, thus explaining the plethora of liver proteins.

If an electric field is applied to a protein solution, the positively charged proteins migrate to the negative pole, while the negatively charged proteins move toward the positive pole. Such a separation can be accomplished on a column (zonal electrophoresis - see Figure 7). The proteins to be separated are placed on a column of, say, chemically modified cellulose, then subjected to an electric field. Usually the lower end of the column is made the positive pole, so that proteins migrate faster from the origin the more 37 LlVERHOMOGENATE '-----fJ LOADING THE COLUMN ELEKTROPHORESES FRAKTIONEN ELUTION FROM THE COLUMN uu ~ ZONAL ELEKTROPHORESIS Figure 7 NORMAL LIVER PROFILE z o CARCINOGEN LIVER PROFILE z o ~ ~

Benzene itself, naphthalene, anthracene, and phenanthrene all appear to be noncarcinogenic. 3,4-Benzpyrene and 1,2,5,6-dibenzanthracene, on the other hand, are rather good carcinogens. ) Astonishingly, 1,2-benzpyrene and 1,2,3,4-dibenzanthracene, structurally very similar to the above two compounds, are not carcinogenic (see Figure 3). The substituted hydrocarbons, such as 3-MC, DMBA, and 9,10-dimethylanthracene are especially active. 1,2-Benzanthracene on the other hand is very weak, and anthracene, as mentioned above, is inactive.

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