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By Sabine C. Koch, Thomas Fuchs, Michela Summa, Cornelia Müller

Body reminiscence, Metaphor and Movement is an interdisciplinary quantity with contributions from philosophers, cognitive scientists, and circulation therapists. half one offers the phenomenologically grounded definition of physique reminiscence with its various typologies. half follows the purpose to combine phenomenology, conceptual metaphor conception, and embodiment methods from the cognitive sciences for the improvement of acceptable empirical ways to handle physique reminiscence. half 3 inquires into the varieties and results of healing paintings with physique reminiscence, in response to the mixing of concept, empirical findings, and medical purposes. It makes a speciality of trauma remedy and the therapeutic strength of move. The publication additionally contributes to metaphor concept, software and study, and hence addresses metaphor researchers and linguists attracted to the embodied grounds of metaphor. therefore, it's of specific curiosity for researchers from the cognitive sciences, social sciences, and arts in addition to medical practitioners

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16 The schema of an empirical concept is defined by Kant as the sensible concept of an object, in agreement with the category [“der sinnliche Begriff eines Gegenstandes, in Übereinstimmungmit der Kategorie”] (KrV B 186/A146). As such, it meanwhile realizes the category and restricts it to the empirical conditions of sensible experience. As this definition shows, the schema has a “mediating” function between the particular sense data given in this concrete experience and a general concept: for example, the schema of an empirical concept, such as “dog”, properly defines a rule according to which we can see a dog on the basis of a manifold of sense data.

12. “Derselbe Leib, der mir als Mittel aller Wahrnehmungen dient, steht mir bei der Wahrnehmung seiner selbst im Wege und ist ein merkwürdig unvollkommen konstituiertes Ding” (Husserl 1952: 159). 29 30 Michela Summa to the neural level, it entails not only the automatic neural operations, but also “implicit knowledge” in the form of habitualities (Lakoff & Johnson 1999: 10). On the other hand, as Zlatev (2007) points out, the notion of the cognitive unconscious risks becoming superfluous as it either coincides with the phenomenological or with the neural level of embodiment.

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