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This translation of the ninth-century epic poem, thought of the 1st nice paintings of English literature, used to be initially meant for nonnative audio system of English with the purpose of decreasing problems found in the previous English variety.

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Clark Hall (1901), Chauncey B. H. Crawford (1966), Constance B. Hieatt (1967), David Wright (1969), E. Talbot Donaldson (1975), and Howell D. Chickering Jr. (1977). The present version of Beowulf was originally part of a projected British literature survey text. I became aware that most of the translations of Beowulf, in spite of considerable virtues in many respects, tended to be heavily influenced by Old English style and therefore posed certain difficulties for nonspecialist readers and beginning university students of English literature.

The present translation was therefore an attempt to solve a specific problem: In the interest of clarity it sacrifices some of the original Anglo-Saxon stylistic devices when they obscure story and theme, and it instead strives Page xiii For an equivalency of statement and effect, insofar as these things are translatable. Without arguing the difficulties involved, I have tried to remain faithful above all to the spirit of the work and have generally not tried to reproduce specific stylistic devices or grammatical structure.

I shall return to the sea coast to guard against enemy raids. From then on, the stone-paved road served as a path to guide the men in ranks. Their tempered, hand-wrought war-corselets shone; bright iron rings sang on their armor as they first approached the hall in their fearful arms. The sea-tossed men unslung their broad, strong shields and ranged them along the wall of the building. As they sat down on the bench, the mail shirts of the warriors rang out. The gray-tipped spears of ashwood, the weapons of the seafarers, stood gathered together: The battle-dressed warriors were well armed.

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