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By Magnus Lie Hetland

Achieve a basic figuring out of Python's syntax and contours with the second one variation of starting Python, an up–to–date advent and useful reference. masking a big selection of Python–related programming subject matters, together with addressing language internals, database integration, community programming, and net prone, you'll be guided through sound improvement rules. Ten accompanying tasks will make sure you can get your fingers soiled in no time.

Updated to mirror the newest in Python programming paradigms and a number of other of the main the most important good points present in Python 3.0 (otherwise often called Python 3000), complex subject matters, corresponding to extending Python and packaging/distributing Python purposes, also are lined.

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The problem is that I haven’t really explained how it works yet. "? It’s called a string (as in “a string of characters”). Strings are found in almost every useful, real-world Python program and have many uses. ' There is one thing that may be a bit surprising about this example, though: when Python printed out our string, it used single quotes, whereas we used double quotes. What’s the difference? ' Here, we use single quotes, and the result is the same. So why allow both? " she said' In the preceding code, the first string contains a single quote (or an apostrophe, as we should perhaps call it in this context), and therefore we can’t use single quotes to enclose the string.

It continues here. And it's not over yet. ''' CHAPTER 1 ■ INSTANT HACKING: THE BASICS You can also use triple double quotes, """like this""". Note that because of the distinctive enclosing quotes, both single and double quotes are allowed inside, without being backslashescaped. ■Tip Ordinary strings can also span several lines. If the last character on a line is a backslash, the line break itself is “escaped” and ignored. " would print out Hello, world!. 12 In ordinary strings, the backslash has a special role: it escapes things, letting you put things into your string that you couldn’t normally write directly.

CHAPTER 1 ■ INSTANT HACKING: THE BASICS Back to the __future__ It has been rumored that Guido van Rossum (Python’s creator) has a time machine, because quite often when people request features in the language, the features have already been implemented. Of course, we aren’t all allowed into this time machine, but Guido has been kind enough to build a part of it into Python, in the form of the magic module __future__. From it, we can import features that will be standard in Python in the future but that aren’t part of the language yet.

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