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By Steve Zaloga; Howard Gerrard

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C. 558-9 ed. Dindorf). ) or by their Hellenistic culture. And indeed there is some evidence for the Macedonian descent of certain elements in Dion, Gerasa, and perhaps also Gadara. 78 To these should probably be added some rural settlements in the south, one of which, the cleruchy of Tobiah (PCZ 59003), is well known. , by occupying Bataneia, Golanitis, and Giladitis (Polyb. 71; Jos. Ant. 136). 7 9 West of the Jordan, only Samaria is known to have been settled by Macedonian soldiers. Founded by Alexander, it survived destruction by both Ptolemy I and Demetrius (Euseb.

5), nor were the military s e t t l e r s of Asia Minor, which was at that time occupied by Achaeus. 98 The number of the l a t t e r may be estimated from the force totalling 6,000 troops, apart from a l l i e s , which Achaeus employed against Selge (Ld. 3, 7 3 . 2 ) . " The identity of Achaeus1 troops is revealed by their previous refusal to march against Antiochus I I I , ' t h e i r natural and original king 1 C-Ld. 6). 1 0 0 Although i t can be argued that Achaeus left behind part of the s e t t l e r s for security reasons, the participation of 'Mysians' (ijd.

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