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Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy

The objectives of an IT balanced scorecard contain the alignment of IT plans with enterprise targets, the institution of measures of IT effectiveness, the directing of worker efforts towards IT targets, the enhanced functionality of know-how, and the success of balanced effects throughout stakeholder teams.

The anatomy of victory: battle tactics 1689-1763

The years 1689-1763 have been years of transition within the army technology. Many books were written in regards to the battles of that interval, yet few inform how the warriors truly fought these battles utilizing the guns handy. This publication does. Painstakingly researched, and utilizing real battles for representation, it tells the reader the "how" and "why" in regards to the strategies utilized by infantry, cavalry and artillery.

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14 T H E MASK OF COMMAND embarking the Continental Army in the ships of the new-born United States Navy to voyage south, clear Mexico of Spanish troops, garrison the West Indies with Virginians or New Englanders and make a landing on the shores of South America. Then, victorious in Peru, he crosses the Andes, defeats the Spanish army of the east, and expires on the approaches to the empire of Brazil. Thus is it just possible to grasp how extraordinary was the career of Alexander the Great. The distances and obstacles of either enterprise defeat the imagination - and they have, indeed, no parallel in any reality except that of Alexander's own life.

All in all, the heavy infantry of the expeditionary army probably numbered some 9,000. Cavalry and Foot Companions were drawn from the nucleus of the Macedonian nation. But they were not the only elements of Alexander's army of conquest. There were also light cavalry, mainly recruited from Macedonia's neighbours - Thracians, Paeonians and a group called 'scouts' of mixed stock - which operated on the flanks of the Comjpanions against the enemy's light troops. Neighbours also provided contingents of light infantry, notably the Agrianians, Alexander's loyal allies in his Balkan wars.

A climax of the campaign was at hand. Darius had marched up from Babylon (near modern Baghdad) with 140,000 men, planning to confront Alexander in Cilicia. The young king was successfully subduing the hill tribes which controlled the passes, in a brisk passage of irregular warfare, when he heard of the emperor's approach. The general engagement he had sought since entering Asia clearly impended and he felt as confident of winning as Darius of defeating him. But two means of bringing it about presented themselves: he might either await battle on the border of Cilicia or move southward into Syria so as to place himself across Darius's rear.

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