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28 Rhiannon Ash bership of this explosively creative little band of poets. At any rate, the important point is that in the highly-charged setting of Nero’s household, poetry does not exist in a vacuum or on the margins. 6) as the locale for poetic composition. 3 aliquando carminibus pangendis inesse sibi elementa doctrinae ostendebat “sometimes in the composing of poems he showed that he had elements of learning”). 1 carminum quoque studium adfectauit “he adopted an enthusiasm for poetry too”) even makes Nero seem insincere about reading and writing poetry (cf.

Where the verb (a hapax legomenon in the surviving Tacitean corpus) colorfully casts Verginius as being at the mercy of Scylla and Charybdis (i. e. the mutinous soldiers). 24 Rhiannon Ash Poetry in Motion: The Neronian Poets In Tacitus’ narrative, it is only during Nero’s principate that a more intriguing and varied range of named poets enters the scene and that the potential of poetry to serve as a political ‘weapon’ starts to become clear. 2):³² ubi Britannico iussit exsurgeret progressusque in medium cantum aliquem inciperet, inrisum ex eo sperans pueri sobrios quoque conuictus, nedum temulentos ignorantis, ille constanter exorsus est carmen, quo euolutum eum sede patria rebusque summis significabatur.

Nisbet and Hubbard () , cf. , and Syme () . 44 Alex Dressler which he enjoins was a Peripatetic watchword… It would be a strange coincidence if the Licinius of the ode were somebody other than Athenaeus’s patron. ”³² The length of time of his disgrace they partly attribute to the uncertainty that followed Augustus’s ongoing rearrangement of the constitution around himself (the ‘Augustan Settlement,’ Part 2, of the late 20s). In AA, Syme is sparer (387): M. Primus the proconsul of Macedonia stood trial for high treason… The advocate of Primus raised objection, to be countered by the Princeps… Licinius Murena, who defended the proconsul, was a man of violent tongue and temper.

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