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By Clifford R. Wheeless

This step by step advisor to pelvic surgical procedure is prepared by way of organ method for simple reference. This variation comprises new fabric on operative techniques reminiscent of laparoscopy.

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The mesonephric orifices are incorporated into the orifice of the developing vagina, and the epithelium is replaced by the epithelium from the Mullerian tubercle. The vagina expands and extends downward to bulge into the vestibulum, and the paramesonephric epithelium is transformed into vaginal epithelium. The glycogen-filled cells begin to disintegrate, which forms the lumen of the vagina. Development of the External Genitalia Indifferent Stage: Male and Female Identical 4 to 7 Weeks A B Genital Tubercle Urogenital Fold Cloacal Membrane Labioscrotal Swelling Phallus Urogenital Membrane Anal Membrane Male Genitalia 9 Weeks C Female Genitalia 9 Weeks D Developing Glans of Penis Urethral Plate Ectoderm Urogenital Fold Urethral Groove Developing Glans of Clitoris Fused Urogenital Folds Fused Labioscrotal Swellings Perineum Male Genitalia 11 Weeks E Spongy Urethra Penile Raphe Posterior Labial Commissure Anus Anus Male Genitalia 12 Weeks G Corpus Cavernosum Spongy Urethra Corpus Spongiosum Penile Raphe (line of fusion of urogenital folds) Glans of Clitoris Labium Minus Labium Majus Penile Raphe Scrotum Urethral Groove Fusing Urogenital Folds Fused Labioscrotal Swellings Female Genitalia 11 Weeks F Glans of Penis Urethral Groove Glandular Plate Urethral Groove Urethral Groove Female Genitalia 12 Weeks H Prepuce External Urethral Orifice Penile Raphe (line of fusion of urogenital folds) Scrotum Scrotal Raphe (line of fusion of labioscrotal swellings) Mons Pubis Clitoris External Urethral Orifice Vestibule of Vagina Hymen Posterior Labial Commissure Figure 2-1.

Birken L. From seduction theory to Oedipus complex: a historical analysis. New German Critique. 1988;43:83-96. 13. Evans, H. Physician denial and child sexual abuse in America. In: Warsh CK, Strong-Boag V, eds. Children’s Health Issues in Historial Perspective. Waterloo, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University Press; 2005:327-352. 14. Abbott SL. Gonococcal tonsillitis-pharyngitis in a 5-year-old girl. Pediatrics. 1973;52(2):287-289. 15. Israel KS, Rissing KB, Brooks GF. Neonatal and childhood gonococcal infections.

Appendix Figure 2-5 22 Chapter 02 3/9/11 12:39 PM Page 23 Chapter 2: Basic Anatomy of the Genitalia and Anus Appendix Figure 2-6. Annular hymen in a 6-month-old Caucasian female, showing the thick appearance typical of estrogen effect. Appendix Figure 2-6 Appendix Figure 2-7. Annular hymen in a 16-month-old girl, shown using labial separation. Appendix Figure 2-8-a. 3-year-old girl, examined using labial traction. The hymen is thick, suggesting estrogen effect, and the inner edge of the hymen is smooth.

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