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Author note: Translated by means of Lyne Bansat-Boudon and Kamalesha Datta Tripathi
Publish 12 months note: First released February 1st 2013

The Paramārthasāra, or ‘Essence of final Reality’, is a piece of the Kashmirian polymath Abhinavagupta (tenth–eleventh centuries). it's a short treatise during which the writer outlines the doctrine of which he's a remarkable exponent, particularly nondualistic Śaivism, which he designates in his works because the Trika, or ‘Triad’ of 3 ideas: Śiva, Śakti and the embodied soul (nara).

The major curiosity of the Paramārthasāra isn't just that it serves as an creation to the confirmed doctrine of a convention, but additionally advances the idea of jiv̄anmukti, ‘liberation during this life’, as its center subject. extra, it doesn't confine itself to an exposition of the doctrine as such yet every now and then tricks at a moment feel mendacity underneath the obvious experience, particularly esoteric concepts and practices which are on the center of the philosophical discourse. Its commentator, Yogarāja (eleventh century), excels in detecting and clarifying these a number of degrees of that means. An advent to Tantric Philosophy offers, in addition to a significantly revised Sanskrit textual content, the 1st annotated English translation of either Abhinavagupta’s Paramārthasāra and Yogarāja’s commentary.

This publication could be of curiosity to Indologists, in addition to to experts and scholars of faith, Tantric reviews and Philosophy.

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O;:J), non-indulgence in the senses Undriya- nigraha), benevolence (day:i), forgiveness (k'}ama), and wisdom (jriana)Y 8. Worship of the Goddess' attendants (avar~a piija) is performed to honour all ChinnamasLi 's attendants who reside with her. ,ide of the enclosure, as wdl as th<>sc who reside next to Chinnamasta in the innermost sanctum. 9. Valediction to Chinnamasta ( visarjana) ccrcm< my begins with the offering of incense, light, and a libation to Chinnamasta. One begs pardon of the Goddess for all one's acL<; whether virtuous or unvirtuous and offers everything to her.

23: 3<)0-91. Ibid 409-11. i\otc that this •;Jdhana is very sirmlar to the one in the Sadhanamala and also similar to a manuscript found in ;\;cpa! entitled Lak;;;mi'iadhana (whtch is being studied by the Dhih Project 111 Sarnath, India). Ibid .. 111-1 S. 82: }tiff. , The /Jiuc Annals: 390. This Virupa and his disciple are from the ninth century and are not the famed eighth-century patriarchs of the Tibetan Btiddhist Sakya lineage. Ibid · 31>11. lie has sc\·cral names The name Varendraruci is his tttle as a scholar (T.

Again perform the six-limbed nyasa to these two goddesses. ". )68 6.

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